Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shopping wiser

   One of the ways to optimize your spending is by planning your shopping schedule. We need to set when the best time to shops is. Without schedule, we will tend to shopping randomly and usually there will be something that we forget and need to go back to buy that “things” again. This is known as wasting and “wasting” will never be friends with “saving”.

   Firstly, you waste your time by going to buy the “Forgot to buy” things. Secondly, you will waste your money for the fuel (if you have you own transportation), transportation fee (if you are using public transport) or energy if you walk to the shop.

   Isn’t better if we just add a little modification to the ways we manage our shopping styles. Firstly, shops only when you needed it. Make a list to write everything that you need to buy. Just put the list where you can come and add new “items to buy” every time you remembered one. Gradually, the list will become bigger. When it reaches the shopping time, bring the list and make it as your checklist.

   Before going out, categories the items by “shops to go”. This is because there may be different shops to go in order to buy all the items. So, when you already categorized it, you will know which items to buy at which shop.

This is only one way that I do to save money usage. Meet you later for more sharing. =)



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